Mormon Channel for Amazon Fire TV

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Mormon Channel for Amazon Fire TV


Post by jointheclub76 »

Does anyone know if there are plans and timeframe around a Mormon Channel app for the Amazon Fire TV? I tried to side load the Android Mormon Channel app on the Fire TV and the app displays, however using the remote it does not properly navigate between screens and blocks thus making it impossible to use.

The Android version seems to be so close, but not there yet. I see the church's site for Internet TV says it is evaluating the app for the Fire TV but not sure what the current status is. Any thoughts??
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Re: Mormon Channel for Amazon Fire TV


Post by stevenamorrison »

This is not exactly an ideal solution, but I have a Logitech K400 wireless keyboard connected to the Fire TV. It has a touchpad and can be used with apps requiring touch controls, such as the Mormon Channel app.
I just sideloaded the app to test and was able to control all the functions and select the channels using the keyboard.
(As a side note, the keyboard works well for typing search terms into apps that don't support the Fire's voice search feature)
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Re: Mormon Channel for Amazon Fire TV


Post by paulw »

It's not quite the same as the Mormon Channel, but I made and recently released a Fire TV app that collates videos available from the Church and makes them available for viewing. I update it weekly so you can quickly see which videos the Church added to the website. It even has a snapshot of the media content available from the Gospel Library app in its 100 languages.

I admit that it's a work in progress but it should be functional enough to help you better enjoy Church media content via your Fire TV. If you have any suggestions for improving the app let me know. You can find it in the app store under the aptly named "Gospel Library VIdeos" title. Or search "lds" and it's one of the few apps listed for Fire TVs.
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Re: Mormon Channel for Amazon Fire TV


Post by nealvs »

There is an unofficial video version here: ... B00ZQMOTY0
There is an unofficial radio version here: ... B00KYIC3NA
And general conference videos here: ... B00ZQQT5QI
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Re: Mormon Channel for Amazon Fire TV


Post by trevorh »

This isn't the Mormon Channel, but if anyone's interested there's a FairMormonTV app available:
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Re: Mormon Channel for Amazon Fire TV


Post by marnofi »

The Church site says it's available for the Fire TV, now. Has anyone tried it, yet? I've been waiting for the Mormon Channel to be release on the Fire TV before I think too much about getting one or a Fire Stick; so, I can't tell you about it.
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Re: Mormon Channel for Amazon Fire TV


Post by loosemore9 »

You can try side loading it
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