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Copy from notebook


Post by dsesplin »

I can't figure out how to copy from the GL android notbook and paste the entry into my word document on my tablet. When I long press on the entry I get the option to share, but not the option to copy. Currently I am sharing to Evernote and then copying from Evernote and pasting into my word document. I'm sure there must be a way to copy directly?
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Re: Copy from notebook


Post by lmcguire »

You have to go to the entry (tap to open it in context - scriptures, manual, whatever), then select the text (just tap the little box to select the highlight), then tap the icon with the three vertically-stacked boxes, and choose Copy.

For a journal entry, open it as if you were going to edit the text, highlight the text, tap the copy icon on the toolbar.

Now it's on the Android clipboard and you can go to the app and paste.

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