Locked file cabinet

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Locked file cabinet


Post by kylehart »

Curious what others do with the key for the locked file cabinet.

We have four clerks, three exec secretaries and a bishopric that at various times would need access.

What is the best way to secure this? ten copies of the key?
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Re: Locked file cabinet


Post by benjamincarleski »

We have two locked cabinets, one for finances and one for memberships. The ward clerk has keys to both. The assistant clerks have keys to the cabinets they need access to. The executive secretary doesn't have any keys. The bishop then maintains a copy in the desk drawer in his office where they keep the temple recommend book. His counselors have a key to his office and a key to that drawer, so they can get into the cabinets I'd they need to.

Really the only time for us that anyone but the assigned assistant clerk gets into one of the cabinets is when that clerk is gone, and usually then it is the ward clerk who gets in. I think over the past five years we have averaged once a year that the keys in the bishop's drawer have been used.
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Re: Locked file cabinet


Post by johnshaw »

That sounds like too many people to access something in my book.

I'm new to a stake as an STS and was given a key to a cabinet where they stored all the 'tech equipment' - it also included disciplinary documents, and financial records. I kindly suggested to the stake clerk that we move the equipment someplace else, I didn't need access to all the rest of that stuff. I think I'd seriously look at what people are accessing - For instance, the Bishopric doesn't need to access anything, really, they have clerks that can do that. The exec sec doesn't really need access to documents that you'd store in a filing cabinet. Maybe this is a case where we're not applying good principles of 'access' defined in the handbook and by least-privilege.

One way to help determine this type of access is to model it after LCR... if they can get to it in LCR, or not, do they need access to it in a filing cabinet?
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Re: Locked file cabinet


Post by jirp »

We have 4 keys for the cabinet. I as ward clerk have one and each bishopric member has one. No one else needs in. There are also 4 locked desk drawer files with different keys, One has current year financial in it, one clerk locked supplies and things to be filed, one has the rest of the church records that we print off, The final one holds the recommend book and the building keys. Because each drawer locks individually we have good control.
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