Trouble sending email to missionary

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Trouble sending email to missionary


Post by westa99 »

I have been trying to email a missionary for the past month and it seems like they don't get my emails. They keep emailing me back saying that they haven't received any of my emails until days later. I have updated all my browsers and everything should be good on my end. I have no idea what to do.
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Re: Trouble sending email to missionary


Post by sbradshaw »

Missionaries are only able to check their emails from home once a week (usually on Monday mornings or afternoons). If your emails are read "days later," then I suspect it's because the missionary hasn't checked his email since the last preparation day. If it's weeks later, then it may be a different problem.

EDIT: reading more closely, your question says "they" keep emailing you back when you email a missionary – is it an automated message you're getting? If so, can you quote the top part of the automated message here?
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Re: Trouble sending email to missionary


Post by dforsyth »

My missionary is not receiving emails from my gmail account. I have sent several emails and he hasn't received any of them. I have replied to and email he sent me and it also was not received. I sent an email from my work email account and he received that just fine. I have been emailing him from that account for his entire mission and the last email he received from me was 7/29.
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