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Easy Two Page Directory


Post by ralchizar »

Honest question here, is there an easy way to create a simple two page ward directory? Something that you can use one sheet of paper on, printing on both sides. I know you can print from the website, but that is a non-editable document that wastes space by default, my ward is not large and it is four pages on the readable font size. Of course I can export the households, but that is almost worse, a file format that ends up leaving me with more work than creating a document from scratch. The little old ladies in my ward really want this, and I honestly don't want to create it from scratch every time like the last ward clerk did. What gives?
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Re: Easy Two Page Directory


Post by jdlessley »

What "Details" options are you including in the printout? Is this just an address directory or are you including all contact information? What font size are you using? How many columns in the layout are you using? And finally are you adding hole punch margins?

Depending on the size of your ward it is possible to get anywhere from two to four pages. Large wards may need more pages.
JD Lessley
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Re: Easy Two Page Directory


Post by dalewebb »

I, too, would like to print a "2 page" directory. I sure wish clerks could download info into excel or a raw data format easily. I used to do it, but the way things download, it takes far too long to mess with. I just used to print a 2 column page with the following information. Nowadays with everyone using cell phones it becomes more difficult; for those people, I just made two line entries, one of the HOH and one for the spouse.
Phone LName, FNames Address, City
The birthday list would be nice to download easily as well.
IS there a way to download data from the ward database EASILY?
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Re: Easy Two Page Directory


Post by lajackson »

dalewebb wrote:IS there a way to download data from the ward database EASILY?
Easily? Not any longer. The ability to export information is going (has gone) away in MLS, and was never available in LCR.

I think the best suggestion at this point would be to watch how others who have posted to this forum have been able to use LCR tools to print as closely to their needs as possible, paying attention to such items as the things jdlessley mentioned in his post just before yours.
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