List with parents of youth

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List with parents of youth


Post by sgrom8504 »

I can't seem to find any quorum roster that list the youth with their parents. Is there one?

This would be extremely helpful as I am new to my ward and was just called into the young men presidency. I am trying to learn all of the youth and their parents, but the problem is many of my youth have different last names than their parents.
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Re: List with parents of youth


Post by mevans »

I don't think there is one. The only thing I can think of is printing a ward directory with the individuals and children in the household. That's going to give you more than the youth, but would be the information you need.

If members have opted out of appearing in the directory, you won't see them. If you live in the United States, members are opted in by default, but in many other countries, members are opted out by default due to privacy laws. A clerk or bishopric member can print a membership directory with everyone; the bishop would need to determine if it is appropriate to provide you with such a list.
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Re: List with parents of youth


Post by kisaac »

Currently, you get such a listing from MLS (the desktop computer in the clerks office) if one of your clerks or another bishopric member is familiar with making custom reports. It's so common, your Ward might already have such a report template saved to do just that- MLS can also print mailing labels of this same list if you ever mail to parents of the youth.

You should certainly "submit feedback" using the link at the bottom of an LCR page requesting what you think might help you as LCR continues to develop.

Of course , MLS is being "retired" as each new ability is added to LCR so I can't say how much longer this will be available. We hope developers might add "custom reports" to the LCR enhancements wish list before MLS goes away totally.
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