Reimbursement Form

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Reimbursement Form


Post by wrigjef »

I'm not currently a financial clerk but we just moved into a ward with a really unique reimbursement form. I might change it to eliminate some of the non-required information but this is a good method. They print the form on a #10 envelope. The person we got it from told us that we just fill out what we can and put the receipts inside. It then gets handed off to the aux leader to approve before going to the Bishop then clerk. If I were a clerk right now I would seriously consider using this idea.
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Re: Reimbursement Form


Post by brettbkg »

I like the idea of the envelope. I might incorporate the method some time in my next iteration. Along the lines of passing along ideas, I'll offer a PDF and Word document (so you can edit it to your ward's needs) that our ward uses.

Word Doc (You can download it from there and edit it as you wish):
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Re: Reimbursement Form


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