Notes in portuguese no show, only english

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Notes in portuguese no show, only english


Post by airton_jose »

My notes was in portuguese, but, in website no show:

<div id="platform-canvas-content" role="main" class="lang-por">
<div id="secondary" role="complementary">
<h1>Anotações e Diário</h1> ... ntos&type=

{"response":{"locale":"eng","successful":"true","error":null,"params":{"tag":"10mandamentos","start":"1","numberToReturn":"10","orderDir":"descending"}}} ... tag=&type=

"response": {
"locale": "eng",
"successful": "true",
"error": null,
"params": {
"start": "1",
"numberToReturn": "10",
"orderDir": "descending"
"annotations": [{
"id": "fb4a236e-c6f8-4231-9591-2c22fd5ee7cf",
"uri": "/general-conference/2009/04/faith-in-the-lord-jesus-christ",
"locale": "eng",
"title": "Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, Elder Kevin W. Pearson, General Conference, 4/2009",
"bookmarkUri": "/general-conference/2009/04/faith-in-the-lord-jesus-christ",
"bookmark-data-aid": null,
"source": "Android Gospel Library | App: 3.2.12 | OS: 19",
"device": "android",
"type": "Bookmark",
"typeKey": "bookmark",
"lastUpdated": "2016/01/03",
"modified": "Yesterday",
"modifiedInMilliseconds": "1.451815454823E12",
"fulldate": "1/3/2016",
"bookmarkSnippet": null,
"targetTitle": "Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ",
"targetAuthor": "Kevin W. Pearson",
"targetCitation": "Kevin W. Pearson, April 2009 General Conference"
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Re: Notes in portuguese no show, only english


Post by PamelaBonta »

currently, online Notes only works in English. Other languages are available in the Gospel Library apps. If you have made annotations in other languages in the GL apps, they are syncing with the LDS Cloud, and will sync with online Notes when or if that feature is made available online.
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