LUWS User Profile "Select Site Proactivity" Options

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LUWS User Profile "Select Site Proactivity" Options

Postby srweight » Mon Sep 24, 2007 8:57 pm

If the member doesn’t have interest in or remember to come to the ward site then give them the option to have the ward website come to them.Options would be under the User profile to make the LUWS proactive to member’s needsThe following are some suggestions;Change OptionsPlease send me email notifications every week ofOption #1 - Changes in ward membershipOption #2 - Changes in ward leadershipOption #3 - News and Information postings to the ward websiteOption #4 - The ward calendar for the next 6 weeksMonthly Message OptionPlease send me email notification with the Home Teaching / Visiting Teaching Message as soon as the Ensign is sent each month.Gems OptionsPlease send me the following Gems(list Gems to select)Magnify My Calling Options
(the need to be able to select several concurrent callings should be mentioned)My current calling in the church is (enter in a field or select from a look-up callings list). Please send me the related information related to that calling.(Example: I select “Sunday school teacher” and the website sends me via email the most likely lessons that I would use this week ( a range of 3 or 4 lessons would allow for conferences and the likes) and related items in the Church News or other information that I would use in presenting my lesson)(Example: I select “ward clerk” and the website sends me via email information about MLS changes or help sections or updates.)(Example: I select “Stake Tech Specialist” and the website sends me via email information about why I got the error message “Your stake is not participating in the online websites” and error message “You don’t have admin rights anymore”)(Example: I select “Primary Presidency” and the website sends me via email information about the church’s open house for Primary Presidents.)[font=Times New Roman][/font]
The next section under User Profile could include

My Calling Training options

Please send me emails containing training information from the General Handbook of Instruction, Teaching – No Greater Calling, links to the last world-wide training, and any other online resources from for my calling.
(Example: I selected "Sunday School Teacher - Gospel Doctrine” and the website would send me public information to train me in Sunday School policies. It would send different parts over weeks and repeat until I selected to reply and stop the email training process.)

MLS Related Messages Options
Please send MLS related messages to my personal email also.
(I am the STS and really have limited reason to do a send and receive in MLS unless I am trying to help with a problem or doing a upgrade so messages to me can sit in my box for days whereas I check the LUWS daily – unless I have been nuked as Admin again)
My Family Training and Support optionsMy position in the family is: (pop down look-up list) “head of family – unwed mother”Please send me via email information on Provident Living each weekPlease send me Job informationPlease send me Education informationPlease let my ward leaders know that I have requested this information.Help Needed Options
I need help with a teenage daughter that is shop-liftingPlease send me suggestions for Family Home Evening from LDS Family Services. Please let my Ward leaders know that I have requested this information.My Personal Interests Options(this section would work like Google Alerts sending an email when something new shows up)Family HistoryChurch HistoryBYU SportsNews of the ChurchPlaces to VisitTemplesFood Storageetc

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Great ideas

Postby FullmerCB » Fri Aug 15, 2008 2:55 pm

I like your thinking. One of the driving principles behind the new software and websites that the Church will build going forward is for us to be audience focused. I imagine RSS feeds and other extenders that will work much like you're describing here - so that users can consume Church content (and even interact with tools/services/apps) in whatever way they'd like: mobile browser, desktop, email, text, phone (voice), etc.

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