Missionary Email Problems

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Re: Missionary Email Problems


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Elder Ferrer - the best way to receive help is to go to the Help menu of Missionary Portal, and click "Report a Problem". This will get your issue to the correct support group.
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Re: Missionary Email Problems


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I have both of my missionary email accounts on my phone so that I can go in and clean it up and set up their group emails for each week, my daughter is in Peru with very limited email time 1hour and poor internet at that - this has just helped to use her time writing her emails. This week it stopped letting me go in and says that this account is disabled and on the lds page it says unidentified. Need help fixing this. My sons account is still working fine and he is in Portugal Thanks
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Missionary Email Problems can't receive videos


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My son has tried to send several videos via email. My wife and I have been unable to see any of them. We get an LDS.org log in challenge every time we click on the video. When we log in, it says, "I'm sorry, you are not a Full or Part time Missionary." Can you help me fix this problem?
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