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Post by tetondave »

Has anyone come across an issue where everything they print in (membership records, baptism certificates, etc) is printing in a language other than the language it should (and always has up until now)? Our ward's language is English and everything shows up on through the browser as english, but when I go to print something like a Baptism Certificate or membership record it prints them in Portuguese. I have checked every setting I can think of (computer, browser, and all are set to English so I have no idea what to do from here. Also, If I pull up the certificate on on my laptop instead of the ward's computer it will print just fine in english. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Printing in Portuguese


Post by dbollard99 »

Our Ward language is also English, and I just noticed today as well that all our Printable Certificates are printing in Portuguese, and I see no way to change the default language to English (I use Chrome on the church computer).

I tried pulling up the Certificate through LCR on my phone's browser (Chrome for mobile), and it pulled up in Portuguese as well.

I just tried pulling up the certificate in Internet Explorer on the same church computer, and it pulled up in English! How the heck do I fix it for Chrome then?

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Re: Printing in Portuguese


Post by PearsonKJ »

There are no settings to change. The problem is on our end (LCR). We will track this down and get a fix out.
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Re: Printing in Portuguese


Post by slmsz20 »

Confirm it's working correctly in safari as well. Works correctly in the default browsers of macs and Windows, but not firefox or chrome.
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