Considering Converting. Help?

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Considering Converting. Help?


Post by EmmaLeighJ »

Hello! My name's Emma, I'm fourteen years old, and I'm considering converting. :) Although, my only issue is that I feel like I'm too young, and that my parents would never approve of my choice. I come from a Catholic family, and I think I would be ridiculed if I asked to be taken to service. My only choice is to take a fourty minute bike ride to my local meetinghouse. I just prefer the life style of mormons to that of Catholics, and I have full belief in the religion. Is it worth it to convert so young, and does anyone have tips on where to start for a teenage convert?
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Re: Considering Converting. Help?


Post by mfmohlma »

Hi Emma. We're not really in a position to help you personally here. I would suggest you go to and click on the box at the bottom right that says "Chat with Representatives". They can help you from there.

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