How many Hours a week does it take ????

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I have spent over 30 years in the clerk's office and have just "trained" my tenth Bishop. Elder Perry recently said" The three most important callings in the ward (after Bishop) are in this order: Elder's Quorum President, ward clerk, Relief society President. Brethren, learn your job well and you become a great resource for the ward leaders and allow them more time to fulfill their callings. I always "train" the new organization secretaries when they are called -- many do not realize the breadth of their calling and how they can really assist their organization. It is a great calling and once you become comfortable with it, it takes less time. I remember when I was first called and the handwritten membership records and receipts in triplicate typed on an OCR typewriter. Have your Bishop call assistant clerks, train them well and delegate specific tasks to them, that gives you more time to do the tasks that the clerk must do. Personally, I think it is the best calling that there is in the Church. I have served as the sole clerk (no assistants)_ in wards of upto 450 members for 2 years -- it keeps you busy, but I get great enjoyment from the service.
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Re: How many Hours a week does it take ????


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Way late to the conversation but I also love being a Stake Clerk. Such a blessing in my life. I think that the calling has gotten much easier now that I can do a lot of work from home and online through LCR (after the kiddos are in bed).
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Re: How many Hours a week does it take ????


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Most ward clerk responsibilities are repetitive. Keeping a list of those repeating responsibilities and having a routine to fulfill them can be really helpful.

Being proactive and not waiting until the last minute to take care of ward clerk responsibilities is also very helpful. I've found a lot of time-consuming and stressful situations can be avoided when being proactive and not waiting until the last minute.

Taking full advantage of assistant clerks is also very helpful.
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