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Staples Account


Post by tincupman »

Does anyone recall the link to the staples account and the log in and password in order to log into the Staples account?
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Re: Staples Account


Post by sbradshaw »

Instructions for ordering unit materials through Staples can be found at – log in with your LDS Account, then go to Unit Materials (link on the bottom right of the page). The info is different for each unit (and only authorized leaders have access to see the username and password).
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Re: Staples Account


Post by quandmeme »

I encourage you to price check staples. We regretted using Staples. If you have someone in the ward who can buy online or at Costco and be reimbursed it is always better. We're in a high sales tax state and it is still better to use Costco than Staples. (We have a Walmart tax exempt status, but I don't think anyone uses it.)
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Re: Staples Account


Post by TurekBoy »

The ordering instructions have moved a bit.

To find them, now, go to
  2. Sign in to your account (top right corner)
  3. the Units and Callings menu at the top
  4. and then choose View All Units and Callings.
  5. Then scroll to the bottom to find the Office Supplies and Other Materials Available from Staples heading.
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Re: Staples Account


Post by mower75 »

Has anyone had a problem with deliveries from Staples? We had a box go missing and it said that it was delivered but is nowhere to be found
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