Connecting the Phone to the TV

Discussions about using TVs, projectors, laptops, tablets, smartphones, DVD Players and other media players in meetinghouses including standards, management, how to connect to them, proper use, and support.
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Re: Connecting the Phone to the TV


Post by johnshaw »

Since we're unable to do New TV's and most of us will be waiting anywhere from 1 to 14 years to get them replaced do we have other options out there?

I'm thinking that what I'd like to see is something like a RaspberryPI device with the following:
1. Miracast/Screensharing for Android/IOS (supporting all those devices, even windows and mac laptops
2. Wifi Router (hub) do directly connect to the PI wifi eliminating the issues of stutter using LDS Access and holes in the wireless coverage
3. Supports the Webcast Player on receiving sites

Is anyone already doing something like this out there?
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Re: Connecting the Phone to the TV


Post by rknelson »

mdenhalter wrote:The Roku 3 is the solution I am favoring, especially for streaming from the Mormon Channel. How does your stake control or allocate the Roku devices?
We put a Roku on every old TV and buy new TV's with Roku's built in: $99 for a 24" $380 for a 55". We have about 27 Roku's (some built-in, some standalone) in 5 buildings. All were purchased with stake funds over a period of several years.
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