Melchizedek and Relief Society Sunday Meetings

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Melchizedek and Relief Society Sunday Meetings


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Regarding Melchizedek Priesthood and Relief Society Sunday meetings, I thought I specifically read somewhere on that we skip the lesson that would have been taught on the Sunday of General Conference, ward conference or stake conference. For example, with General Conference being on the first Sunday of the month, on the following Sunday, we would proceed with the second-Sunday lesson (i.e. a lesson from a General Conference talk) instead of the first-Sunday lesson (aka a council meeting). I just tried to look for that reference, but I couldn't find it. Can anyone help me find where it specifically says that we skip lessons instead of postponing them to the following Sunday?
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Re: Melchizedek and Relief Society Sunday Meetings


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I'm unable to find a reference as to what to do when the prescribed pattern is disrupted. I suspect this is something up to local leadership as I could interpret it either way. ("We count the First Sunday as the first Sunday we meet" as opposed to "there's no direction to move the events so the First Sunday of the month is skipped.)

If it were my call, I'd suggest "the First Sunday we meet" as I'd rather not sacrifice "making plans to meet local needs". The General Conference just watched would be a reasonable substitution for one of the other Sundays.
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