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Previous Ward


Post by brentdfisher »

A member of my stake wants to know the dates that they lived in a previous ward. Any ideas? They currently reside in Texas and the previous ward was in Georgia.
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Re: Previous Ward


Post by mfmohlma »

That sort of information is visible to clerks, but only for the time period of the most recent year. I'm guessing that's not the time period the member can't remember... :)
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Re: Previous Ward


Post by jonesrk »

CHQ does have that information, but I don't know what reasons would be sufficient for them to give it out.
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Re: Previous Ward


Post by bballrob »

I’d recommend that they go back and re-read their journals from around the t8me they moved. I’m sure the correct dates are in there. :D
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Re: Previous Ward


Post by lajackson »

The current ward clerk will be able to see when the membership record was moved into the ward, but that is not necessarily the date that the member moved in. And he will not be able to see when the record first showed up in the previous ward.

An approximate date can be calculated by looking at old bills or other mail. Another way would be to look through old checking account statements, where the member should be able to see where he stopped paying Georgia Power and Light and began paying Texas Power and Light (or whatever they were called). Bank records are usually kept for seven years.

I have regularly had to be able to furnish a list of addresses where I lived, so I keep a record of all of them.

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