Sacrament Meeting and Hymn Tracking forms

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Re: Sacrament Meeting and Hymn Tracking forms

Postby sbradshaw » Sun May 08, 2016 3:01 pm

dbollard99 wrote:Would love to see results when you are done.

The results have been posted here:

I'm actually about to start a second survey, and would love as many respondents as I can get, from as many places as possible. If anyone on this thread is reading this and is willing to participate, send me an email:

Thanks for your interest!
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Re: Sacrament Meeting and Hymn Tracking forms

Postby csprinster » Sun Jul 08, 2018 3:20 pm

jbh001 wrote:Over the years of service in various music callings and bishoprics, I have developed and refined some spreadsheets that track hymns and sacrament meeting items. I am attaching them as Excel spreadsheets (though I did most of the original work in Quattro Pro, if anyone wants those versions).

Some explanatory notes:
The purpose of the Sacrament Meeting Tracking form is to help the bishopric plan future sacrament meetings by being able to see at a glance (1) what Sundays they have to prepare for, and (2) who has done what recently so that we don't call on the STP's (same ten people) to speak and pray. At the end of the year, a completed version of this sheet is printed for quick reference and placed with the conducting sheets for that year sort of as an index.

Also in our unit we have a team of 4 choristers and 4 organists to share the load. That way each organist and chorister does a sacrament meeting only about once a month. This might not apply to your unit, so you may not need those columns.

The hymn tracking sheet is designed so that you can type in the hymn number, and the title fills itself in. I usually forward this spreadsheet to the ward music chairman so they can use it in selecting hymns.

In my prior unit, we had a Spanish sacrament meeting separate from the English sacrament meeting (we didn't have quite enough at that time to make a Spanish branch or even a dependent Spanish branch). The Spanish hymn tracking sheet is designed so that the English hymn number is entered into the first column, and then the Spanish hymn number and title fill themselves in in the remaining columns. Hymns that appear only in the Spanish hymnal (there are 15 of them) are numbered consecutively starting as English hymn number 401.

Thank you very much for creating this spreadsheet that correlates the English and Spanish hymns it will be very useful for my mission, I'll make sure to print it out and stick it in my Spanish hymn book!

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Re: Sacrament Meeting and Hymn Tracking forms

Postby trscott » Fri Jul 13, 2018 1:11 pm

I just found this thread you posted 10 years ago and let me tell you, not all heroes wear capes.

Thank you for your contribution.

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