Missionary dress rules

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Missionary dress rules


Post by geoffreyedwards »

This may sound petty, but I feel like someone needs to address the issue of Elders wearing clothes that are too small for them. It seems like something that has started over the past five years or so. The church has all kinds of rules for how the Sisters should dress, yet we have Elders out there wearing ties at are too short, shirts that are far too tight and pants that are clearly a size or two too small. I feel that the church has spent so much time making sure the Sisters are dressed modestly that they may have ignored problems with Elders dressing modesty. I would really like to see attention brought to this issue.
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Re: Missionary dress rules


Post by lajackson »

This is not really something to be resolved here at this user-to-user Forum, where the emphasis is on more technical matters. And while the things you describe should probably be addressed, I have not seen these problems with the missionaries I have met.

The Church gives very clear direction to both Elders and Sisters regarding missionary dress standards. If you are seeing the types of problems you describe where you live, I would suggest you discuss the matter with your bishop or stake president who, I am confident, will forward those concerns to the mission president. The mission president is the one responsible for seeing that the missionaries comport themselves properly in both dress and action.
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Re: Missionary dress rules


Post by scgallafent »

Missionary dress and grooming standards are available online at https://www.lds.org/callings/missionary/dress-grooming. As lajackson said, if there is an issue you are concerned about, you should discuss the matter with a member of your bishopric or stake presidency, who can then work with the mission presidency as needed.
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Re: Missionary dress rules


Post by russellhltn »

scgallafent wrote:you should discuss the matter with a member of your bishopric or stake presidency, who can then work with the mission presidency as needed.
I'd add the Ward Mission Leader as a suggestion as well. While not as authoritative, I think he may be a gentler approach to the situation.
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