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Minnesota Public Radio as a free app for the iPhone and iPod Touch that streams audio content to those devices. This warrants some attention, because I think it would be helpful to have a similar app that streamed content from BYU Broadcasting, and/or

Personally, I would like to be able to listen to conference talks on-demand. I realize this is already possible, but the method for accessing it needs to be streamlined and simplified for what it currently is. Then during my morning walks or exercise on the treadmill, I could be listening to a conference talk (and maybe even conference music) while exercising. This service would also be nice to have while commuting, waiting for the bus, waiting in line, waiting for the carpool to arrive, spare time between classes, etc.

Video streaming would be a plus, but not a necessity yet.
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I could see the benefit in having a browser based mobile phone UI interface for "Gospel Library" (with search ability) and Conference items (text, audio, video) but I am not totally convinced the mobile phone area is yet the basket to put the eggs in UNLESS there are areas of the world which currently cannot easily get normal internet and then the mobile phone way might prove a hit with them. Good example is many parts of Africa where mobile phones are further ahead there than other technologies.

Personally, instead of putting too much resources into the mobile phone area I would rather want to see the church bringing existing applications to the rest of the world outside the USA and also adding on to these. Things like LUWS, Distribution Centre etc.
Or start on bringing MLS, LUWS etc together into one web app and develop an API that allows third-party developers to start writting their own applications for a true vertical market.

Another reason I am not convinced abot mobile phones is because of the variety of screen sizes to cater for as well as different O/S's, Palm, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Apple's iPhone.

I do however use my mobile phone (HTC Touch Pocket PC) for quick reference to the Gospel Library items via the YanCEyWare Reader. What would be nice would be to have a reader that would automatically download these "books" and search them or alternatively have the same via a browser. There are benefits and disadvantage to both so glad its not me to work it out :-)

I do however think that what the church has done in terms of bringing conference to the internet over the years is AWESOME.
I dont know if "Move Network" now has better algorythm or if the provider has better link to the outside world or if they have just generally turned on more bandwidth but this time around I think the quality is AWESOME. And the stability of the feed is great too.
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Natural Disasters


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Not the most common case, but yesterday I was down in Galveston, TX doing some Hurricane Ike cleanup. For most of the day the Church had 2 lights running off of a generator for organizing help. Eventually they did get power and had Conference going. We were only able to catch Elder Bednar's talk as we came back to report. As we were working, we were relying on text messages and phone calls between session to be filled in on what was happening or being discussed. This is (hopefully) a rare circumstance and doesn't affect everyone, but it would have been convenient to have some mobile way of accessing conference same day through cell phones.

I think its good to not just think where mobile devices are but also where they are going. There are or will be more and more iPhones, devices based on Andoird, more advanced versions of Windows Mobile, Nokia advancing Maemo to be more of a consumer level system, Symbian going open source, and the large collection of phone makers joining mobile Linux organizations. Also with services like ClearWire coming out, it looks like the cell service might be moving towards being just a dumb data pipe.
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