Measuring Out of Unit member's time in unit

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Measuring Out of Unit member's time in unit


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I am an assistant executive secretary for a YSA stake, and have been asked to figure out how long some of the out of unit leaders in the stake have been serving. I found the reports detailing out of unit member callings, but am trying to identify how long they have been involved with the stake. Many of them have served in various callings over the last couple of years (and I have only found information for their most recent calling), and we have been asked to make sure that they are released from the stake after a few years. Is there any sort of report that we can pull or request that has such information?
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Re: Measuring Out of Unit member's time in unit


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For those in the stake presidency/bishoprics (including clerks and secretary) you can see that history in CDOL for the stake and all of the child units. Go to the Organization Summary page for the unit and expand the Historical Information section.
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