SMS Text Verification Never Recieved

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SMS Text Verification Never Recieved


Post by jordanrjones »

I updated the mobile phone number listed on my LDS Account and I don’t receive an SMS text confirmation. I get an email that my profile was updated, but never a text. The result is my phone number is never verified and I don’t get texts notifications that I have set.

I have tried changing it back to my old number and don’t get an SMS text on that either.

Any tips on getting that to work? Thanks!
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Re: SMS Text Verification Never Recieved


Post by Goldplated »

I think that you can not go back to your old number until you do verify the New, check the account of a friend to see the way he or she wrote his number
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Re: SMS Text Verification Never Recieved


Post by jamesarnellgale »

I have the same issue @jordanjones but I thing the issue is not my phone or phone number. Two step SMS verifification with my phone works at dozens of other sites for me including my facebook and google accounts.

I have repeatedly tried setting SMS 2-step verification up on different browsers and computers as instructed my the service agent I spoke to at the Church Global Services center and I still get the same result. No SMS is ever sent.

I asked them to look at the logs for the transaction to see what error messages or trace information is reported and they said they don't have access to that and something to the effect of " SMS is complicated and we don't want to troubleshoot it"

Until the server side account issue is identified and resolved I have decided to use the "Third-party Authenticator" option to add another layer of security to my account.

I have successfully used both Google Authenticator and DUO ( not at the same time ) and either one will work. I have not tried the LDSAuthenticator.

Once you have scanned the QR code on you phone and have it set up If you end up loosing your phone before you can transfer the authentication you will need to put in a request here ... ( I can't find the form again, it took me a few days last time, why is it so hard to find the "Contact us with an Issue" form??? ) They ended up creating a ticket for me and had me call the global Services Center. The Lady that helped me just disabled the third part authenticator so I could log in and set it up on my new phone.

It would be supper helpful to the rest of the users with issues like these to have a link to a support form email ( not just this forum ) or ticket on the pages I and Jordan mentioned we are having issues so the backend support people have visibility to the number of users that have this issue. Without a way to document the issues on the page where the issues are encountered users are probably throwing there hands in the air and walking away feeling unsupported and only persistent people who have the time to dig around and find the buried links will ever get the help they need. More than 90% of church members I talk to about administrative issues at the ward level do not even know about this forum. I only know about it because I had a helpful stake clerk that showed me when training me as a ward clerk years ago and I am really glad he did!
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Re: SMS Text Verification Never Recieved


Post by russellhltn »

jamesarnellgale wrote:It would be supper helpful to the rest of the users with issues like these to have a link to a support form email ( not just this forum )
We (the forum) are not in control of that. The help team is very small and they want to make sure everyone looks as the FAQS before asking for help. The reason is quite evident when you look at the number of posts here that could be answered by the FAQS (or even reading the links on the login page).

At one time, the help team was active in this forum, but then they disappeared, leaving behind the web pages that linked to what became community-only help.

There were a few times that we directed specific individuals to the form (after it was clear that it was necessary), but the help team wasn't happy about that. To find the form, when you go to the web pages for help, there are two prominent links that take you to this forum. You have to dodge both of them to get to that form.
Have you searched the Help Center? Try doing a Google search and adding "" to the search criteria.

So we can better help you, please edit your Profile to include your general location.
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Re: SMS Text Verification Never Recieved


Post by mschlerf »

The SMS Authentication code will not send to my phone when trying to log in with my IPAD, or IPHONE. I can log into my computer as I had checked the box that says "Do not challenge me on this device for the next 30 days". However, when trying to enter "Account Settings" on my computer to remove the SMS option, it asks for a verification code and it won't send it there either. I am locked out and concerned that after the 30 days expires I will not be able to access anything. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Re: SMS Text Verification Never Recieved


Post by SamChristiansen »

Today I tried to verify my email and to add my phone number in after logging in and being prompted to verify my email & add my phone number. Both actions asked for a verification code from a text message, and I never received a text message for either.

I submitted feedback on the church's website with this information, and I'm posting here to show that it is still happening.
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