Videos very hit/miss for viewing/downloading

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Videos very hit/miss for viewing/downloading


Post by caldjeff »

My wife mentioned to me today that she's run into a number of videos in recent months that she couldn't get to play or download when she's preparing for her Sunday School lesson. I went and tried a number of pages with embedded videos on my own computer and I'm seeing the same thing...very hit and miss. Especially in the lesson curriculum pages for the new Come Follow Me. For those that won't play the video player is visible, but it's basically all black with links inactive. I don't see any obvious javascript errors or unloadable content. I've dumped cookies and cache. Tried on Chrome and Firefox, Chromebook and Windows 10 laptop.

Here's an example: ... 3?lang=eng (Come Follow Me for Sunday School - March 25 - 31) On this page it looks like there should be 4 videos. One of them actually works. The other 3 are inactive as described above. When viewing the source it appears that all the broken ones have no source attribute. Anyone else seeing this sort of behavior? What is going on here? I've searched the forum for this issue, but didn't seem to find anything, which makes me think it must be a problem on my end, but I've tried multiple computers, browsers, disabled extensions, etc.
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Re: Videos very hit/miss for viewing/downloading


Post by mevans »

I looked at the page and only saw 2 videos, one of which didn't work, as you described.

I haven't noticed that problem specifically, but I have noticed issues with the videos embedded in the lessons. Several times, when I've tried playing them full screen, I find the resolution is terrible. I've had to go find them in the LDS Media Library or on You Tube to watch them full screen.

So, I agree...there are some problems.
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