Mission Donations

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Mission Donations


Post by drepouille »

A sister missionary from my ward completed her mission about six months ago. I just noticed that a member of my ward recently donated $10 to the returned missionary's mission fund, which has had a zero balance since she returned. Which is the best option to resolve this?
  • Adjust the online donation, moving the $10 donation to the ward missionary fund.
  • Transfer the $10 from the missionary's account to the ward missionary fund.
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Re: Mission Donations


Post by russellhltn »

drepouille wrote:Adjust the online donation, moving the $10 donation to the ward missionary fund.
Personally, I'd do this. Hopefully that would allow the system to see the account as inactive for 6 months. If you just transferred the amount, then it would no doubt be seen as "activity".
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Re: Mission Donations


Post by sbradshaw »

It would probably also be good to contact the member to thank him and let him know. It's possible he might want to apply it to a different category.
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