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Discuss questions around local unit policies for membership (creating records, transferring records, etc.) This forum should not contain specific financial or membership information.
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Re: People Search Services


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I'm sure if there is a good subscription service out there, the church is already using it for the service missionaries working on the "address unknown" file. I have had mixed success using several different free services but if one makes you register your email to get the results, only use one you don't mind getting spammed.

My recommendation is give each of the items on the list (that pops up when you indicate you don't have a forwarding address) a good college try and then send the records to address unknown. This is a ward council responsibility so clerks should be enlisting assistance for some of the items from the ward or full time missionaries, ministering elders and ministering sisters, and other organization presidencies.
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Re: People Search Services


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jasonpbyu wrote:it's better than just sending off the records to SLC lost and found,
I keep seeing this belief over and over again. I do not think that's accurate. And it's certainly not an excuse to violate the Terms of Service.

Yes, there are a number of things the ward should be doing - making use of the Ward Council, asking known friends and family in the ward, etc, But there's nothing that calls for units to use budget funds for any kind of subscription service. If that was the church's desire, they'd have negotiated a bulk service contract and made a way for units to use it.
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