Members not appearing in Tools App

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Members not appearing in Tools App


Post by bballrob »

Good Morning--

Does anyone have any idea why I would be able to find a couple of members in the directory on the main church website on a laptop/desktop computer, but not on the Member Tools App? Just to head off a few questions, I am a counselor in the stake presidency, the members are members of my stake, but not the ward I live in, and my Tools has been synced.

I discovered this yesterday when I saw that I was scheduled to conduct a couple of temple recommend interviews.

Any ideas?
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Re: Members not appearing in Tools App


Post by jdlessley »

The online Directory and Map and the Directory in Member Tools should display the same members based on privacy settings. However, as a stake leader you should see all the members of your stake regardless of the privacy setting and regardless as to which tool you are using, Directory and Map or Member Tools. The most restrictive setting, Private - Leadership Only, should still give visibility of the member information to the stake leaders. There may be a bug in the specific operating system version of Member Tools that you are using.

It would be interesting to find out what the privacy settings are for those members and households that you are not seeing in Member Tools. You would need to either ask them or have a ward clerk or bishopric member find out for you.
JD Lessley
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Re: Members not appearing in Tools App


Post by russellhltn »

Assuming you used the same Church Account on both systems. For the website, were you using the Directory & Maps or LCR?

My any chance, are the members out-of-unit members? (Someone whose records are in a different unit, but hold a calling in your unit.) That's the only thing I can think of that would make a difference.
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