scripture marking/highlighting

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scripture marking/highlighting


Post by jscott19 »

I use an Android laptop, an Apple ipad and and apple iphone.
I have been having difficulty with inadvertant or mistaken marking of a scripture and wish to erase the error and haven't been able to locate or get rid of the mistake.
Others in my family with the same scripture library are able to take care of their similar mistakes.
When I highlight a verse or area of interest the box opens to the Mark, note,tag, etc, but the define or remove icons are NOT highlighted for use. A double click on the mark icon brings up the color menu along with three options. The first A is ready to use, the second, for underlining is ready, but the 3rd is shadowed as if not able to use. When a color is chosen two of the three icons show that color, but the third has no visible response. After having chosen a color the box goes away. Upon realization that there is an error in choice I rehighlight the verse and the popup returns, but the define and remove icons are still unusable and never light up.
I've tried to use the other machines to attempt removal but none of them will respond, even though they all three auto sync.
I have tried deleting and reloading the program without success, twice. I was hoping that any loading error would be corrected through reloading and getting any updates or error removals.
I've turned all machines off and attempted to correct the errors using only one machine without success.
Any help would be wonderful or any guidance to correction would be great. Thanx, Jim
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Re: scripture marking/highlighting


Post by rmrichesjr »

Just so you understand, this is a user-to-user mutual-help forum. There's no guarantee anyone else who knows anything helpful to this problem will ever see this thread. To get official support, please use a 'Help' or 'Feedback' link or button near where the problematic symptoms are visible.
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Re: scripture marking/highlighting


Post by lajackson »

If you will go to the iPhone/iPad Gospel Library section of the Forum and ask your question there, someone may be able to help you. It may be something as simple as using a long press, but I use an Android phone, not an iPhone, so I do not know for certain.

Someone there probably will know the answer, but as was just mentioned, sending a help request through the app is the best way to find an answer.
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Re: scripture marking/highlighting


Post by sbradshaw »

The "Define" option is only available if a single word is selected. If it's disabled, usually it means you have more than one word selected.

The "Remove" option is only available if you're editing an existing highlight. If it's disabled, chances are you're creating a new selection by accident instead of editing the existing highlight. To edit an existing highlight, tap or click on it quickly – do not long-press (long-pressing will create a new selection).

If you've created multiple highlights on the same word(s), when you tap them, a "Choose Highlight" popup will appear where you can choose which highlight you want to edit.

Let me know if that helps!
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