Uploading General Conference to YouTube

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Uploading General Conference to YouTube

Post by Ryan9336 »

We are Swahili speaking Elders in the United States working with many refugees. Many of them want to watch General Conference, but the church website and Gospel Library are too complex for them to use. These people, however, LOVE using YouTube. In fact, they know YouTube inside and out. And usually, they will just pick a playlist they like, and leave it on all day. If only they could watch dubbed translations of General Conference...
So we have the idea of uploading the translated talks to YouTube. The only obstacle is that "distribution is strictly prohibited", according to the General Conference commentator :cry: . How do we contact the someone to get the okay to do this?
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Re: Uploading General Conference to YouTube

Post by russellhltn »

You could try referring them to this link: https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/gen ... e?lang=swa

That drops them into the right place in the right language.

For contact information about seeking permission, I'd suggest going to the very bottom of the Terms of Use page.

The alternative would be to ask your mission president take it up with his presiding authority. Somehow, I think that would be much more likely to get some action.
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