D80 Camera Discontinued

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Re: D80 Camera Discontinued


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Broadcast can be a different problem than video reinforcement in the cultural hall. An IP camera will never have a short enough delay to do the video reinforcement. But, an IP camera and a small PC setup can give you a great webcast, and it can be in addition to a fixed camera used for reinforcement. With limited budget that won't afford both the question becomes which one is more important.

We decided that providing as high of quality remote viewing for those offsite was lots more important than the reinforcement for people already in the building. So, we opted for an IP camera and inexpensive PC to webcast 1080P to remote sites. I personally feel that it's nearly disrespectful of the remote congregation to have a low bandwidth SD feed.

Any IP camera has a user interface built in that can be accessed by a laptop to control it's pan/tilt/zoom. We set up presets for these for speakers, choir, chorister, and before/after.

I think you can find lots of advice in this forum over the last 2-3 years on how to get things set up for high quality, inexpensive solutions.
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Re: D80 Camera Discontinued


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missmini13 wrote:New STS looking for camera assistance. 4 mitigating factors - this system is used 2 times per year so feel a real need to keep expenses in line, current SP has no interest in broadcasting outside the building, the stake center is a 60 mile round trip drive, and this technology is not in my wheelhouse (hobby).

We project stake conference onto the screen in the cultural hall via projector using the standard D80 camera and remote control. Unfortunately this requires sitting where i can see the screen by eye and within line of sight with the camera remote control (there is a remote IR mounted in the tech closet and another about one foot off the floor about even with the screen). This has me looking almost straight up at the far left hand side of the cultural hall to ensure picture focus/quality/setting.

I would appreciate advice converting to a system that would allow the controller to sit in the choir loft and control the camera using a laptop. I'm reading positive use of less expensive IP PTZ cameras. I'm assuming they come with controller software that works acceptably well and allows one to ensure the camera is positioned so the image on screen in the cultural hall is positioned correctly. Is this an acceptable way to go so long as my FM agrees?
Probably should've created a new post for this since it's a new topic.

Typical meetinghouse setup would be:
Camera mounted in Chapel
IR repeater back to Library/Satellite Cabinet or technology closet
The Cabinet/Closet will have a video output you can view
IR repeater can be hooked up to a computer and presets done (look back through this forum for simple ptz controlling software there are several even one written by a member of the forum)

Sit in the Library/Tech closet and control what is seen in the CCTV section for the Stake Center from the Laptop.

If any of this isn't setup or installed for your meetinghouse I'd contact the High Councilman / PFR (physical facilities rep) to contact the FM group and get this setup completed. It should cost you 0 money and while you're at it you might as well get all the webcasting equipment as well so they can update the cabinet/closet all at the same time.

Then start doing webcasts, 60 miiles round trip is a pretty good job for many people and for environmental reasons alone should be an option your stake has.
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