AP Schedule Feature in Technology Manager

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AP Schedule Feature in Technology Manager


Post by nateegan »

The AP Schedule is having problems where it has broken the Wireless at the buildings I had it enabled in. It has disabled the LDSAccess SSID and I have tried disabling the AP Schedule and manually told the AP’s to turn off and back on and have power cycled the equipment and it still won’t let the SSID Broadcast & called the GSS and they would not reach out to the Engineers because it was the weekend. I remember the AP schedule saying it was in Beta and obviously I have found a bug that is causing communication problems between tm.churchofjesuschrist.org & the Meraki Cloud that isn’t allowing it to update the config file that tells them to allow LDSAccess to Broadcast.
AP’s Enabled but not Broadcasting
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Re: AP Schedule Feature in Technology Manager


Post by cbkummer »

If you turn off the scheduler does the wireless access turn on? My whole stake is down, and I initially thought it was the scheduler, too, but in the past when this has happened I turned the scheduler off and the APs turned on. It's not happening today. They're showing as on and I'm not even seeing LDSAccess being broadcast. I think the issue might be a firmware update to the Cisco MR33s, but I don't know how to verify that.
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Re: AP Schedule Feature in Technology Manager


Post by siberian_russ »

My stake is experiencing the same thing. The scheduler stopped working so I turned it off as well. All the access points show enabled but the wifi isn't showing.
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