requirements for Ward Clerk in US

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requirements for Ward Clerk in US


Post by jeffreypaulh »

I thought I read somewhere, but cannot find it in the handbook, that a Ward/Branch Clerk in the US should be able to speak English even if he is serving in a non English unit. I have tried searching that but the results aren't close to my question. Anyone have any input that would help? thank you
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Re: requirements for Ward Clerk in US


Post by russellhltn »

I don't know of any such requirement, but as a practical matter, I'm sure the stake is going to want someone they can communicate with. The stake clerk in particular must be able to communicate with the ward clerk. Depending on the language, I'm not sure how easy it would be to get support if he has to call church headquarters.

It wouldn't hurt to call support and see what they can support.
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Re: requirements for Ward Clerk in US


Post by lajackson »

jeffreypaulh wrote:Anyone have any input that would help?
Not a requirement. In my experience, when the clerk himself could not understand English, there was always a counselor, executive secretary, assistant clerk or another who was able to translate. One time the Relief society president translated for us, because she was the one the clerk was trying to help at the moment.
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