ACH - List of members

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ACH - List of members


Post by cchang »

Is there a list of all the members that have signed up for ACH direct deposit for their reimbursement expenses? It's time consuming to always have to check each time by selecting ACH to see if that person has set up ACH option. We are moving towards having our members sign up for ACH if possible to reduce paper checks and it would be nice to know a list of members that have ACH enabled.
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Re: ACH - List of members


Post by davesudweeks »

I would guess probably not. You could build your own list using brute force methods:
You can see which members have received ACH deposits on the reimbursements history - they are off the list because you know they are set up.
1. Attempt to issue a reimbursement and select members in your unit one at a time.
2. The system will tell you if they are set up.
3. Manually record the names of those who are not set up for followup.
4. Don't complete the reimbursement steps after you have built your list.

I have not tried this and don't have access any longer, but from memory on entering prior reimbursements it should work. It would be a bit tedious, but could be done without too much trouble.

I would caution that ACH deposits is a highly personal matter. Some love them, others refuse to use them for their own reasons. I believe we need to be sensitive to member's preferences - there is nothing wrong with information as long is it does not come with perceived coercion.
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