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Highlight marking incomplete


Post by GrasseDD »

Anyone else see this problem? I'm curious to know a fix.
Just in the last couple days, when highlighting a passage in GLW, the highlight color only shows up on the last line of each paragraph marked (see illustration).
Screenshot clip - GLW highlight glitch.jpg
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Of two Windows machines, this occurs on just one (the newer one).


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Re: Highlight marking incomplete


Post by BowmanDH »

Try to reset the application as follows:

Go to Settings  Advanced Settings  Click on Reset Application

This will force you to redownload all of your books but your annotations and notebooks will be preserved. Please let me know if that solves the issue.
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Re: Highlight marking incomplete


Post by spencerto »

This is a confirmed bug and a fix is pending testing and release. In the mean time, this only affects the rendering of fonts smaller than size 17. If you keep your font set to 17 or above, it should behave normally. We hope to have a fix pushed out in the near future after testing is complete.
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Re: Highlight marking incomplete


Post by JamesMcDonald »

This is still an issue with any font with any size. I have reset the application and reloaded the catalogs three times. When I try to resize the note it shows in the resize stage the correct length of the highlight. When I click OK it goes back to just the last line of the highlight.
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