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Related references


Post by ldsjchavez »

With so many people in the scriptures, specifically the Book of Mormon, with similar or same names, it would be nice to have a link to lineage with the names like there are with scripture references. In family search there is a "how are you related" option that you can select that gives a direct line you can see to know your relation. Something similar would be there something like this that I don't know about? As I am reading, I often get confused as to which "Nephi" I am reading about, or if the "A*****" person I am reading about is a decendent of someone I'm familiar. I've read this wonderful book countless times and still find myself wondering "now who is this person descending from? That "help" would be wonderful!
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Re: Related references


Post by jonesrk »

If you go to the Index to the Triple Combination in Study Helps it does have most if not all the people named in the Book of Mormon. When you look at each one it will give you the scripture references for them and that often will give you the context of who they are.

A couple of examples:

Abinadom Just a random one early in the list
Nephi Each Nephi is listed separately. In this case the reference shows that this is the son of Helaman
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Re: Related references


Post by sbradshaw »

The Guide to the Scriptures is also helpful. But I agree it would be nice if names and places were available right there in the sidebar. There are some third party study editions of the Book of Mormon that provide better context, like this one or this one, though neither of them provide definitions at every mention of a person's name, because of space limitations in print.
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Re: Related references


Post by russellhltn »

You might consider writing your own guide as you read. I've had to do that with novels just to keep the characters straight.

Simpy writing it has benefits as it helps set it in memory as you write.
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