Youtube Live--Ready in 24 hours??

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Youtube Live--Ready in 24 hours??


Post by Robert_Fry »

Good Afternoon,

A few days ago I tried to "go live" on youtube with my account tied to my Gmail. It had me verify my identity with an SMS code before I could go further, then informed me "Ready in 24 hours
It takes 24 hours to activate your account for live streaming. Once activated, you can go live instantly."
It's been 3 days since, and I still haven't got past this. At first, I tried to cut them some slack since it was the weekend when I tried to verify my account, but it's now Wednesday, and I'm wondering if anyone else ran into an issue like this, or if there's a YouTube support link I can follow to get in contact with someone?

Thanks for your help!
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Re: Youtube Live--Ready in 24 hours??


Post by russellhltn »

I haven't dealt with YouTube, but make sure you're not trying to stream from a phone using their app. You have to have 1,000 subscribers to do that.

You either have to use a laptop on their web page, or another app to feed YouTube from a phone.
Have you searched the Help Center? Try doing a Google search and adding "" to the search criteria.

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Re: Youtube Live--Ready in 24 hours??


Post by redfire1539 »

I had the same issue. They finally approved my account for live streaming today. It only took them 2 weeks...

Also, you can get around the mobile streaming limitations if you use another app to do the streaming instead of the YouTube app. I just tried it with Streamlabs and it worked from my phone.
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Re: Youtube Live--Ready in 24 hours??


Post by johnv »

The Larix Broadcast app will allow you to stream to youtube live from your phone, that is once your 24 hours has past and you are allowed to "Go Live".
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