Mevo “HotSpot” - no WiFi needed

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Mevo “HotSpot” - no WiFi needed


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Per another post, I discovered that the Liahona WiFi now presents a new Splash Screen when used.

However, a Mevo camera cannot work with a Splash Screen or similar “authentication” screens. A couple smart members helped me learn that the Splash Screen can be disabled for the Mevo using the WiFi admin tools - but I also learned another option.

The Mevo has a “HotSpot” feature which uses the smartphone data plan instead of a WiFi connection. While it is a true WiFi SSID on the Mevo it isn’t using the smartphone’s hotspot feature, which I’ve found inot to be always dependable.

The Mevo hotspot is more like wireless tethering via WiFi to use the phone’s data plan.

Here are a few scenarios which this may address for some:

- Dependability - this option always works if your phone has a good signal; I can’t say that about meetinghouse WiFi

- Speed - LTE speeds (and soon 5G …) can usually be as fast or faster than meetinghouse WiFi

- WiFi saturation - since the Mevo isn’t on meetinghouse WiFi, there is not congestion from other users as they can use WiFi without concern for the livestream

- Portability - or I could have said “mobile” as you can now livestream any church activity even when WiFi isn’t available

One reminder from testing - always have a second device to monitor the webcast. Do not monitor the webcast on the phone that is connected to the Mevo as it could affect the livestream.

Feel free to let me know if I can help with any Mevo camera questions. It is the simplest single purpose device I’ve found that lets me hand it to a clerk to livestream when I’m out of town.
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