Certificate error of Webcast service

Using the Church Webcasting System, YouTube, etc. Including cameras and mixers.
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Re: Certificate error of Webcast service


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bartj wrote:Thank you for posting this. The Church's webcast team is looking into this issue.
I noticed that the site now is https. Thank you for addressing this issue. No one has complained and I think older members would have been confused and more upset with the situation. Thanks!
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Re: Certificate error of Webcast service


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Yeah, this was clearly an error in the certificate installed for the mywebcast.churchofjesuschrist.org - while yes, the church was defaulting to HTTP (presumably to save on CPU resources and not feeling the need for encryption or Search Engine Optimization - Google gives ranking preference to TLS sites) -- I was seeing the same error a few weeks ago when I tried HTTPS but didn't report it because I saw the links and the service was trying to default to HTTP.

Regardless, It's good to see that the issue seems to have been resolved this week since I'm no longer getting errors when access https://mywebcast.churchofjesuschrist.org with the TLS Protocol specified.
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