Scripture Audio in Other Languages

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Scripture Audio in Other Languages


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Does anyone know if they will every create audio for French for the Gospel Library App and to be available on the church website? My husband is studying French for work and felt like this would be a great way to learn. He and my daughter are both dyslexic and audio recordings are invaluable to their learning. I have searched the internet and found a women who has done a bit of it. Will the ever come out will official audio as they have for English scriptures>
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Re: Scripture Audio in Other Languages


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Re: Scripture Audio in Other Languages


Post by BrianEdwards »

I have listened to the "text-to-speech" in both French and Spanish, and although I'm sure it's a personal issue, it just doesn't flow the way I want the Scriptures to flow when I'm listening. Interestingly enough, just this week my downloaded SS Come Follow Me manual in English did not have the audio for this weeks lesson (Moroni 7-9), so it defaulted to text-to-speech (it does have all the audio for the other SS lessons). A bit jarring but ok for reading out the SS manual text. But when I listen to the scriptures, I really want somebody actually reading to me, they know when to pause, where to give a slight emphasis, everything you would do yourself.

Some may find text-to-speech good enough, and I'm sure my OCD plays a part here :)
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