History of the Church's use of technology

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to purchase your copy


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RussellHltn wrote:Wow. Is this on-line somewhere?
I don't believe it is. It would be wonderful if it was, even if it required a subscription.

The details about how to get a copy are as follows
[indent]Visit any Deseret Book store, or other outlets where Church publications are sold, to purchase your copy of the Church almanac for $12.95. Or, purchase by calling toll-free: 1-800-453-4532, or order on-line at: Deseretbook.com.[/indent]
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Thanks for that Almanac information cottrells. I went over to Deseret Book and picked myself up a copy. I never even knew such a book existed, and now I have all the information that I need. The article you mentioned is great. I do believe though that any decent history of The Church's use of technology would take a good sized book to cover, probably even more. There are some really great quotes in there from people the author interviewed for the article. Anyone wanting to know more about the subject should read it.
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2007 Church Almanac's "A Steady Revolution"


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jhvdh wrote:This is pretty much to anyone and everyone out there who may be interested or have information about this topic. I am a student at BYU and I am writing a research paper about the history of the Church's use of technology, more specifically computer/information systems, for one of my classes. So far I have been able to find very little out there on the subject, just some Ensign articles - some of which are very old. I would be very grateful for any possible leads or sources on the subject. Thank you.
You are probably aware by now of the 2007 Church Almanac feature section on the development of technology in the Church, pages 118 -158. The Almanac is published by the Deseret Morning News. It is widely available as I understand it. I got my copy at the Church Distribution Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.
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I realize this thread is four years old, but did you ever write the paper or compile the research that you mentioned? I'm looking for interesting anecdotes about the use of technology by the Church throughout history.
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