Can't Transfer Zoom License to Church Account

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Re: Can't Transfer Zoom License to Church Account


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poswald wrote:Right now all the Pro accounts in our Stake will most likely stay in place and we will simply have to create new accounts to get things moving. Perhaps Zoom will give me advice on fixing the transfer or how to migrate the Pro accounts to the newly created Church accounts. If I have missed some announcement, article, or memo on how to resolve this please let me know.
Unless the stake payed for a full year, it's probably not worth the hassle to convert it.

I do have a theory that there may be something about the Pro account that makes it hard to transfer. Perhaps it's the method of login, or perhaps it's because there are multiple logins under the account to be converted.

Please note, that with the church account, the ward has only one login. Since the account can only have two meetings going at the same time, care will need to be taken as to who has access to the account and coordination to make sure no one tries to start a third meeting.
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Re: Can't Transfer Zoom License to Church Account


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We have multiple accounts within our Stake and Wards that are Pro accounts. All subscribed for a year. Zoom support is of no help as I do not have enough information about the Church Zoom contract and such to help. We will simply move forward with setting up all new email addresses and such for the Church Zoom accounts and be done with this nonsense.
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