Scripture highlights/notes inconsistent in displaying (missing older annotations)

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Scripture highlights/notes inconsistent in displaying (missing older annotations)


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I'm posting this (in addition to reporting it via feedback), in the hopes it can be seen internally, and also, if others are having the same issues you can know a workaround.

I have noticed a lot of inconsistency in highlights and notes not showing when I'm viewing the online gospel library over the last several weeks. Today I decided to open the browser dev tools and look for some patterns. I'm not sure all the details, but I think it has to do with how annotations are loaded based on how you navigate. In one case I used the on screen right arrow to navigate from D&C 5 to D&C 6. There was one highlight that appeared in section 6. When I compared to my phone I saw that I had several annotations in section 6 that should be showing.

I found in some cases the browser is using this call:

Code: Select all
. In that case it appears that it returns a limit of 1000 results. It looks like it makes this call anytime I navigate via the next/previous on screen arrows.

If I navigate to section 6 via another route (I think by clicking on it directly in the left hand nav bar) then the browser makes this request

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. In that case it includes the docId (I'm assuming the chapter reference) and it correctly returned the 6 annotations that I have made in section 6.

5 of the 6 notes in section 6 were made back in 2018. The one that showed up was made this month. My theory is that the first call is returning the 1000 most recent annotations, so anything older is getting excluded, until it is brought in specifically for a given chapter.

Here's the screen when I navigated via arrows:
Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 9.09.49 AM.png
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and here's after I navigate by clicking on the chapter:
Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 9.10.58 AM.png
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EDIT: Upon further review, it's not just limited to using the on screen arrows and clicking the chapter directly works. The root issue appears to be that in some cases it fetches the 1K most recent, without using a specific doc ID, and in other cases it uses the doc ID and gets the correct results, but I'm not sure what the pattern is that causes it to use one method over the other, as I clicked on several sections directly and they didn't use the doc ID. They just loaded the most recent 1K.
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