Single approver for expenses

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Single approver for expenses


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Whenever a member of our bishopric enters a check-based fast offering expense, inevitably, he seems to enter in his password twice. This causes the expense detail to show that Submitter is Counselor A, Approver is Counselor A, and Approver is Counselor A. (Ironically, this has occurred for both Counselor A and B.) When the Bishop indicates his own approval after reviewing the expense, a fourth line is added that says Leader Approval by: Bishop C. Both counselors sign the actual check. Will this process kick up red flags in the audit? If the image of the check isn't available at the time of the audit, will this cause an exception, because the check is the only document that shows a second approver?

Note: I would really like them to stop initially entering expenses altogether, but short of taking a loving 2x4 to their respective heads, I don't see that happening.
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Re: Single approver for expenses


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That's normal for checks where you don't upload documentation. It doesn't ask for a second approver and just records the submitter for both approvals. Since the documentation hasn't been uploaded the paper documentation has to be reviewed by the check signer.

It shouldn't cause any problem with the audit since the auditor should have access to the check image unless the check hasn't cleared yet. Even then, it shouldn't be an exception since all procedures have been followed. If the auditor is concerned then they could ask the stake to follow up and check the signatures once the check has cleared.
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