More Permanent Setup for Sacrament Meeting Broadcasts

Using the Church Webcasting System, YouTube, etc. Including cameras and mixers.
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Re: More Permanent Setup for Sacrament Meeting Broadcasts


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If you aren't going to use overlays or anything, the AV-1081 will let you livestream directly from the camera. links to a "How to live stream via RTMP" pdf that walks you through how to set that up. Then you could just use the included remote to switch between presets.
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Re: More Permanent Setup for Sacrament Meeting Broadcasts


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Ya, I saw that. AViPAS makes nice cameras.

My problem is we need overlays for sacrament. We used to do sacrament 15 minutes in, and I suspect we go back to that practice next year. OBS lets me have a simple scene to overlay an image with a note about an ongoing sacrament service, then easily switch back, without interrupting the RTMP broadcast. The other problem is audio mixing. We've found we need two mics, one for speakers, one for music, sometimes both. I need an easy way to mix audio. The camera doesn't let me do that easily either.
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Re: More Permanent Setup for Sacrament Meeting Broadcasts


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So one thing I've been looking for in cameras is getting ones that have NDI support. This one has NDI support ... 48KZ&psc=1 and the nice thing is you can get the NDI plugin for OBS. It will allow you to find the video/audio stream from that camera in OBS and use it with your existing OBS overlays.

I'm hoping as my stake starts to order equipment that we get these types of cameras as the nice thing is, you can purchase NDI decoders, or use a computer with software to pick up these NDI feeds that you could ultimately display the feed in rooms around the building. That being said, you can also set OBS to be an NDI "feed" so then you can select this feed from rooms to get the overlays as well.

As things progress in my Stake, I'll make sure to document and post how we are doing it.
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