App for sacrament speaker assignments

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App for sacrament speaker assignments


Post by Chadguerra »

As I make assignments for speakers, I am constantly reminded that my tracking could be better done in a custom designed software. I use google docs to track who has spoken, when they spoke, and their subject. I can search to look up the last time someone spoke.
It is clear that more is desirable:
- pull ward membership from lds tools
- allow individuals to be given different status, in case of inactivity for example
-provide a report of suggestions for talk assignments (so that we dont unintentionally ask more of one and less of another)

This tool may already exist, if so please let me know.
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Re: App for sacrament speaker assignments


Post by jdlessley »

There is no app developed by the Church for this purpose.
Any third party app that does this with any membership data pulled from church records would violate the restriction against storing such data outside church approved apps or church servers.
JD Lessley
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Re: App for sacrament speaker assignments


Post by davesudweeks »

When I served as clerk, I would print off a list of members and add the date next to those who spoke. The list was kept in the locked filing cabinet in the clerk's office for easy review by any member of the bishopric. They youth were often amazed that the bishopric members remembered the last time they spoke, LOL.

It was manual, but didn't violate any policy about keeping membership data in the cloud. The bishopric kept a topics list on a spreadsheet - they would plan that some months in advance (the spreadsheet was just dates and topics - no members listed).
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