I want to create an application with no-code

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I want to create an application with no-code


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Greetings to all, I want to ask.
There is a desire to create an application with Church holidays, for a smartphone, but without a code, what is the best platform for this?
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Re: I want to create an application with no-code


Post by marnofi »

I'm not quite sure what you're asking.

By 'without a code' do you mean without knowing how to do computer programming, or do you mean without needing to do stuff with API authorization? Or something else?

By 'the best platform', do you mean Android or iOS, or do you mean something else?

By 'Church holidays' do you mean Pioneer Day, Christmas, and Easter--or something else?

There are ways to make apps without knowing how to code, but don't expect anything fancy or functional. Expect it to be a basic HTML5 app. However, even people who know how to code don't necessarily know how to make smartphone apps; there's more than coding involved there (and there's a big learning curve for it).

You'd probably be better off just making a Google Calendar with the holidays instead of making an app. It would be a lot easier (and people would trust it more). If you did make an HTML5 app, you could just make it load the Google calendar, I'm thinking.

I've never actually made a smartphone app with one of the services that doesn't require you to know how to code; so, I'm not sure which ones would be ideal. The only smartphone app programming I've done has been with Kivy, and apps for use on Termux (basically Linux).
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