Temple and Family History planning/project management and committee collaboration app

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Temple and Family History planning/project management and committee collaboration app


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I'm a Stake HC assigned to "oversee" eight T&FH ward committees (teams). My spouse is the Stake T&FH consultante for the eight wards as well.
Each committee has between 2 and 10 members.
We are holding monthly Stake T&FH Zoom meeting to train and/or follow up with each ward committee to see how they are using their own ward Report Date to move the T &FH work forward.

I'm not a tech guy but I find apps very handy. I'm wondering if somebody can help me in finding a "project management and team collaboration tool" app (like
Trello) to do "ideally" the following:


1. Allow to add at least 8 teams.
2. Will allow each ward committee (team) to select and log in only in their ward committee and enter any progress/updates in their T&FH monthly responsibilities/tasks/goals. With a graphic similar to a "Wheel of Life" look where each "slide" represent a responsibility (ex: ward committee monthly meeting), taks (move information from Tools/Ward Report Data (like new members or YM/YW advancements) to the wheel to do the assigned T&FH work with them, etc. And how much of each "slide" they have accomplished will be easily visible.
3. Every time a ward committee member updates their "wheel" everybody in that committee as well as me and my spouse would receive a notification. As Stake leaders we would be able to check each ward committee progress.


4. From the Stake end, I would like to be able to interact back and forth with each ward committee: messages, attach documents maybe.
5. Extras could be: to know who logged in and when.

Note: Of course, I would like an app that works with Android and Apple.

I will appreciate any help.

Thank you very much.
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