New System for Temple Recommends?

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Re: New System for Temple Recommends?


Post by lajackson »

This will be an interesting change. In an earlier life in a stake calling, I did over 300 temple recommend interviews a year. I never did one near a computer or a printer. I either took the yellow copy home to activate the recommend that evening, or I gave the copy to the stake clerk if I saw him and knew he would get to the stake offices to activate the recommend before the member planned to go to the temple. (I think most of the time he took them home and activated them just as I did.)

Exciting times.
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Re: New System for Temple Recommends?


Post by russellhltn »

Seems like either way, the members shouldn't expect to get their recommend on-the-spot like they used to. It's going to be a major hassle to print at the end of each interview. But doing it en mass means that you'll need to somehow get the paper in the member's hands later. That's probably easiest for the ward since they should be seeing the member the following week.
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Re: New System for Temple Recommends?


Post by jonalbright »

Would it be possible to just email the member the PDF copy with the digital signature?

That way the member could print and sign it on their own. Works especially well for virtual interviews.

May also be convenient if the member is traveling and forgot the recommend at home. Would be able to print it at hotel or residence where they are staying.
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