Online Magazines Jan 2022 Not available

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Re: Online Magazines Jan 2022 Not available


Post by SMBlaylock »

On Windows 10 laptop: version I did check Microsoft Store, and this appears to be the most current version they have. Liahona just showed up on this version, lacking cover art but with content accessible. Had to manually download youth magazines for January, but they're present now, including cover art.

On Android 10 tablet: version 6.0.0 (600038.5). Did check Google Play for updates. Liahona is now present, but lacking cover art (same as with the Windows version). January youth magazines simply aren't downloading at all.
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Re: Online Magazines Jan 2022 Not available


Post by sbradshaw »

The cover art for the January 2020 Liahona is missing for me as well – not sure why, but at least that seems to be "normal." :) I'm not sure why you're not able to download the January youth magazine, though.

I think those are the latest app versions as of today.
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Re: Online Magazines Jan 2022 Not available


Post by davesudweeks »

I'm on android version 6.0.0. Jan 2022 Liahona cover art doesn't show, but I see that occasionally so didn't think of it as unusual. The Jan 2022 Liahona opens for me. The January 2022 youth magazine shows cover art and opens just fine for me. I usually use my android device to access GL.

I also have GL Windows beta version installed on my WIN 10 PC. Jan 2022 Liahona doesn't show cover art but opens normally. Jan 2022 Youth shows cover art and opens normally.
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