LCRFFE Unit Donations not accepting cents

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LCRFFE Unit Donations not accepting cents


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We have a unit that have issues capturing unit tithing donations that contains cents. All envelopes with cents are being held back.

When entering a donation we are able to enter the main currency values, then we enter a dot to start entering the cents the input box shows the dot but refuses to accept any input to the right of the dot. No input is accepted to the right of the dot and entering numbers does not add them to the textbox.

We tried the same typing a dot as well as comma as the decimal separator.

If focus is moved away from the textbox the cents are defaulted to 00.
We are unable to to type cents to the right the the decimal symbol.

Other observations:
1) In the donation screen the currency textboxes shows the decimal separator as a comma for it's watermark but dot seems to be accepted as entering a comma has no affect and does not add a comma to the textbox.
2) In the expenses screen the currency textboxes shows the decimal separator as a dot for it's watermark.
3) Entering a personal tithing donation does not suffer from this problem.

We have tried Chrome browser as well as Firefox browser.

We have tried updating the regional settings on the computer thinking that the web page could be trying to enforce the computers regional settings. We have tried using both a comma as well as dot as the number and currency decimal separator but this makes no difference either way, the unit donations screen still shows a comma either way.

Please see screenshots attached of the Donations screen compared to the Expenses screen on both browser and also screenshots of the decimal and currency regional settings for the Windows 10 PC.

Thank you

2022-01-05 Donations (Chrome).png
2022-01-05 Donations (Firefox).png

2022-01-05 Expenses (Chrome).png
2022-01-05 Expenses (Firefox).png

2022-01-05 fmt Currency Format.png
2022-01-05 fmt Number Format.png
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