two calling -leadership access issue

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two calling -leadership access issue


Post by derekfunkhouser7 »

I have been the Ward Assistant Executive Secretary for a little while now. All reports worked for me. Then Recently I was also called as an Assistant Young Mens Camp Director. This calling I believe change some of my access to the Executive Secretary but only to my Temple Recommend reports.
Any clue of how to fix this?

Other Ward Clerks have verified on their side that I still have access to all reports needed for the Executive Sec. calling.

Also on the top of the Temple Recommend Report there is the word "prod" highlighted in RED on the top of the report close to the drop down menu's, Which is new to me as well.

Anyone? :)
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Re: two calling -leadership access issue


Post by jdlessley »

In Leader and Clerk Resources there is an option to select which one of your calling's permissions to use when you have more than one calling with different access permissions. I don't know exactly where it is but it is located either on the blue menu bar or on the white menu bar.

I don't believe there is this same multiple calling selection feature in Member Tools. Which calling permissions are in effect in Member Tools is unclear. I would think it is the one with the greater access requirements.
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Re: two calling -leadership access issue


Post by eblood66 »

The calling selection box only appears if the user has two callings that provide access to LCR. Assistant Young Mens Camp Director is not listed as a calling with access to LCR (unless it gets grouped with Young Men Advisors).

I'm inclined to think that something else unrelated to the camp directory calling is the cause. But one way to tell for certain would be to remove the camp directory calling temporarily and see if the report goes back to normal.
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Re: two calling -leadership access issue


Post by russellhltn »

eblood66 wrote: Fri Jan 14, 2022 11:29 am I'm inclined to think that something else unrelated to the camp directory calling is the cause.
Especially since nothing else in LCR seems to have changed.

It would probably be worth putting the browser in Private/Incognito mode. The added calling might have pushed the cookie buildup problem over a critical threshold.
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Re: two calling -leadership access issue


Post by jonesrk »

The ward clerk recorded a release for you from your Ward Assistant Executive Secretary position which is what changed your LCR access.
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